Artistic locksmithing and blacksmithing. Machining

Our plant renders a wide range of general locksmithing and blacksmithing services.We specialise in the manufacture of products that require a high degree of manual work and high-precision finishing. We are able to execute each and every atypical order, even for single articles. We employ professional personnel, which is made up of qualified locksmiths, blacksmiths and welders.

For example, we are in a position to execute and provide:

  • welding services using semiautomatic machinery (carbon dioxide, argon, etc.), and gas torch welding,
  • rolling of all types of sections: flat sections, channel sections, pipes, closed sections,
  • diverse blacksmithing services, especially those connected with the manufacture of suspension springs of the so-called "old-type",
  • diverse services connected witch machining (turning, milling, etc.).

In addition, we design and execute manual high precision:

  • rolling mills for flat sections, channel section, pipes, closed sections and sheet metal plates,
  • angle bending machines for sheet metal plates, flat section and wire,
  • shield cutting-off machines.

Due to wide range and variety of products offered by ourselves in the field in question, we have not included photographs of individual details.